Yusraa and her family were of a nomadic tribe that happily traveled the Near Harad sands. It was at a young age that the camp was raided by slavers, and the family was broken apart. At first, the family had been kept together, shipped off to Umbar. However, it wasn’t long before they were split apart and sold off to a number of different buyers.

For Yusraa, her fate would lie in the hands of a particularly nasty slave-lord named Na’man. So pleased with her form and her talents was he, that he decided to keep her for himself. For many years, she played music when he demanded it, laid with him when he desired it, and followed his word when he spoke it. Besides her talents with song and in bed, she was used as a caretaker of the children the slave-lord obtained. So many times she saw these babes grow, and so many times she felt them ripped from her arms only to be sold to the highest bidder. Through all of this, she grew more bitter and more determined to be reunited with any, if not all, of her family.

It took quite some time, but she was finally able to get into a position to gain information on what happened to one of her brothers. Through a series of underhanded dealings and whispers in the shadows, Yusraa managed to learn that her brother, Rafik, had been sold to a corsair captain who in turn sold him to a brothel owner on an island in the Bay of Belfalas. This was enough information to cause her to make her next move.

It was never learned how or just what had caused it, but rumour had it that the slave-lord Na’man had been found dead in his bed. The suspected cause was either he had drank himself to death and choked himself in his sleep, or poison. The latter was more looked upon, as the fabled Jewel of Na’man had disappeared, never to be seen in the region again.

Once learning that Rafik had left the island she continued her gathering of information. Her talents placed her in a good position with the informants, and for a while she worked in whispers until finally, she gained the knowledge she’d been searching for. After arriving in Bree-land, Yusraa made for the city of Bree, determined to find her brother. Despite her hard work through the years, it ended up being luck that she met someone who’d seen Rafik in the Prancing Pony.

So long had she planned, so long had she searched. And now, it was time to be reunited. Nothing would stand in her way.

After finally reuniting with her brother, Yusraa has been slowly settling in to the area. She has grown close to a very small amount of people, but has not opened up completely with her story to any of them, including her younger brother, Rafik. Now that an old enemy has resurfaced, Yusraa is in a position to have to decide how to react and protect her little brother.

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