Once a young, beloved noble woman of Minas Tirith, Yreth's life was cut short when her father, Corudor, the lord of House Gannelor was driven mad by an evil artifact. She was resurrected through the power of the artifact, and made to do her father's bidding.

She was found while The Wayfarers were investigated the Sorrow-Stealer, and admitted to being the one who placed it in Bree-Land. She was ultimately ashamed for the atrocities she had committed while under the control of her father, and sought to help them put an end to him.

Yreth died upon confronting Corudor, and resisting his control for too long out of desire not to hurt her new found allies. Only her half-brother, Miridion, remains of her house.

Yreth was the childhood friend of Lalaithien, and, having heard of him before, was quick to place trust in Moramarth. While she dealt with the bulk of his ire for being undead, she and Carmanadh, a distant cousin of hers, ultimately found some understanding before her death.

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