A dwarven swindler who takes advantage of unsuspecting adventurers.

Xendric is a native of the Blue-Mountains, where he was mediocre merchant. He married in an arrangement between families to a stubborn, grumpy dwarven lady, bitter about the arranged marriage. Thus, Xendric became a lousy husband, and later a lousy father to two sons. Eager to spend time away from his wife, he took to traveling, thinking he may have better luck on the road with his wares.

As it turned out, he had no better luck. However, he made a strange discovery - Men and hobbits often believed that all dwarves are craftsmen, and often sought his opinion on their arms and armor. Xendric, having never picked up a hammer in his lifetime, at first attempted to explain that he was no expert. After enough people asked, however, he began to tell them otherwise.

For ten years, Xendric has perfected his tactic of stealing equipment. His favorite method is to tell adventurers that their things are in need of repair or maintenance, and offer to do it over a night. He then slips away once the gear has been surrendered and travels to his next location to sell them.

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