Women of Water

(As written by Aradir, son of Candaith.)

The fourth campaign of The Wayfarers' Guild following the Where Fire Follows arc.

Wherein the Wayfarers came to the aid of three of the River-maids: Gwindeth, Greenspring, and Naruhel at the behest of Goldberry.

First, they journeyed to Nen Harn where they met the man Hyram, one of the fabled Walkers. He was lover to Greenspring, mistress of Nen Harn, and her grief at his impending departure was causing ceaseless rain to soak and ruin the countryside. Together the Wayfarers helped to soothe her by reminding her of the eternity of her love for Hyram.

Next, they travelled to the Lone-lands, where the ground was choking and withering under the unsympathetic touch of Naruhel, the Red Maid, whose good heart had been corrupted by Angmar's evil. They confronted and subdued her, forcing the taint from her and allowing her to see the pain she had wrought. She took a liking to Atanamir and asked him to be her King, though he refused.

Lastly, they travelled to Evendim to soothe Gwindeth, whose resentful sorrow threatened to drown all of Evendim in her tears. They learned she grieved for Calenglad, a Ranger of Tinnudir whom she loved, who had gone away south with The Grey Company. At first, Gwindeth cast them from her home in blind anger. Eventually, though, they earned her trust by bowing in respect to her, and sharing their own stories of loss and love.

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