A cheerful young man from the village of Caraghaim, one of the woodsman settlements in Mirkwood. He has tanned skin and blond hair that he keeps cropped just above his ears. He dresses in brown and green earth tones, and often carries a bow and quiver. He is cousin to the owner of a talking warg named Shadow-paw.

Wistan found Shadow when the warg was just a pup. Instead of killing Shadow, Wistan decided to raise him in his village. Thus, the two grew together, and became incredibly close.

When the Wayfarers passed through Mirkwood to rescue their friend Beacher Bailey from Dol Guldur, Wistan agreed to be their guide through the forest. Sympathetic to their plight, he ended up staying with them throughout their entire journey, teaching them how to survive in the dark and brutal forest.

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