An aging dapple-grey mare with creamy mane and tale. Years ago, she pulled a waggon for a Gondorian merchant caravan. When the caravan was attacked by brigands, Willowsong, along with a pony named Pepperfoot and an exile boy named Oendir, were rescued by by an Avarin Elf named Irien.

Willowsong travelled with Irien, Oendir, and Pepperfoot for the next several years as they made their way gradually north from Gondor to Bree-land. When Irien parted with Oendir in the town of Archet, she took Willowsong with her.

What happened to Willowsong in the next few years is unknown, only that she eventually ended up at the Hengstaecer farm north of Bree-town. There Oendir, now a young man, recognized her as the same mare who had borne him so faithfully through the wilderness. He bought her outright, and for the next several years, rode her on all of his woodland journeys.

Eventually, Oendir acquired a new, younger horse named Nimlos and retired Willowsong. Now she keeps to his yard in the village of Durrow, begging the local children for treats and growing plump off the neighbors' gardens.

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