Willoric Scary

Name: Willoric Scary, goes by Will
Race and Heritage: Shire Hobbit, Scary, Eastfarthing
Age and DoB: 37, May 22nd
Gender: Male
Height: 3'8''
Hair: Curly and dark brown
Eyes: Hazel
Physique and Features: Stocky, tallish, and dark-skinned, indicating Stoorish heritage.

Family: The youngest son of Aldegar Scary, the intimidating foreman of the Scary quarry. The Scarys are an established and wealthy family, with significant influence across all four farthings.
Friends/Enemies: He is often found in the company of Austri, but gets on with all the other junior Wayfarers quite well. He's made an unfortunate enemy of Benjamin the stable-master by being underfoot one too many times.
Pets: None.
Guild Role: Stealth. He excels at being unseen.
Skills: Stealth (3), foraging (2), combat—melee (1)
Aspirations: He'd like to prove that he's good for something other than being extra baggage. His father was extremely skeptical about what good would come from a tour with a Mannish company, so Will has a lot riding on his success.

Other Facts

  • His father gave him two options: work the quarry, or get out of the way. Will's anxiety made him unfit for Bounder duty, so he elected to cross the Brandywine, and seek his fortune in Bree-town.
  • He writes to his family every week. It's clear he misses them a great deal. He checks the mailbox every day for a letter from his father, but so far, none have arrived.
  • Being just recently of age by hobbit standards, he's relatively unsure of himself or his place in the world. He observes everyone closely for cues about how to act, and often imitates those around him to a comical degree.
  • As the youngest of many children, he often went ignored. As his older siblings were always blaming him for their mischief, he got very good at disappearing from sight. He is now so good, in fact, that those who aren't explicitly looking for him often don't notice him even if he's standing right beside them.
  • His favorite hiding spot is in the rafters of the stables.
  • He is a bit of a chatterbox if anyone is patient enough to listen, but he doesn't try very often.
  • He wants to learn how to ride a real horse, but will settle for learning how to ride a pony at present.
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