Who Are the Way-sharers?

The Way-sharers are the many NPCs who also serve Commander Godric as members of the Guild. Like our PC characters, some will adventure into the field, while others remain behind to support the Wayfarers at home. They are the Scout Hardings and Krems of our world that make it feel more alive, even if they don't always take a leading role themselves. However, unlike our own characters or specifically created NPCs, their backstories and personalities are intended to be developed collaboratively, similar to the game where you take turns telling a story one word at a time.

Way-sharers will be used in various events, and you may be asked to play for a random Way-sharer. The idea is not to grow too attached to playing any one Way-sharer in particular, but to step into a persona that you may or may not play on a regular basis.

Additionally, we may send the Way-sharers out to complete events on their own without our direct involvement. Choosing the right (or wrong) combination of Waysharers based on their personalities and skills will affect the outcome of these events.

Why Do We Have Them?

Several reasons! As mentioned above, they are tool for us to grow as roleplayers by expanding the range of characters we play.

As TFF has grown, the frequency that the Wayfarers' Guild is featured in a story has lessened. However, the importance of the Guild or the extent of its resources hasn't actually changed. By expanding our ranks with NPCs, the Guild can continue to function in the same capacity as we have before, even if fewer of our PCs are directly involved in the goings-on of the Guild.

By creating shared NPCs, we also open the opportunity up for our members without a Wayfarer to participate in our Guild-focused plots more readily.

Finally, the Guild is an expensive venture. Much of the time, the work we have done out in the field has been done at cost, or at significant expense for Oendir or the Guild. Establishing a group of adventurers and support staff who are actually helping to bring home the bacon by taking on important, but more mundane work helps to explain how the Guild has continued to grow.

How Do I Use Them?

Simple! Do you want to have a Wayfarer around for an event? Pick one from the list below at random and bring them out. You should review the wiki to have a basic understanding of who the character has been developed to be. While you do not always need to update the wiki after you're done using them, you should make an addition if you add any backstory, character quirks, or introduce a significant current day event into their life.

Grown attached to one in particular? Great! While this may not be the intent of the system, if you wish to take personal ownership of a Way-sharer, contact an officer to discuss a transition. We will invite the other members of TFF to give their feedback before proceeding since these characters are a shared resource for all. If an agreement is reached, you will be able to take them on as an NPC under your control or as a new PC.

Way-sharer Skills

Each Way-sharer NPC has a list of specific skills that can be utilized during field missions. It is useful to keep these skills in mind when selecting which Way-sharers you want to participate in a certain mission. Every Way-sharer is considered competent in most skills, but the bonuses mean they are specially adept in particular areas.

The bonuses, which range from 1 to 3, are added on to normal rolls from 1 to 10 (out of a total of 12). The bonuses do not apply to critical fails (an 11) or critical successes (12). The amount of the roll affects a Way-sharer's success during a particular mission.

The skills currently possessed by Way-sharers are as follows:

  • Arithmetic (ARI)
  • Carpentry (CAR)
  • Combat (Melee) (COM-M)
  • Combat (Ranged) (COM-R)
  • Diplomacy (DIP)
  • Foraging (FOR)
  • Haggling (HAG)
  • Herb lore (HERB)
  • History (HIST)
  • Hunting (HUNT)
  • Masonry (MAS)
  • Mercantilism (MERC)
  • Riding (RID)
  • Scouting (SCO)
  • Stealth (STL)
  • Translation (TLA)
  • Transport (TPO)

List of Way-sharers

Name Race Gender Role Status Skills
Alden Peartree Man Male Scout/Courier Enlisted RID, SCO
Amelia Windview Man Female Archer Enlisted COM-R, FOR, HUNT
Austri, son of Aurvangr Dwarf Male Diplomat/Tactician Enlisted DIP, TLA, HIST
Brock Thornley Man Male Driver Enlisted MAS, CAR, TPO, HAG
Chloe Blythe Man Female Guard Enlisted HERB, COM-M
Colton Oakley Man Male Scout Enlisted STL, COM-R
Einar Man Male Guard Enlisted RID, COM-M, HUNT
Ham Appledore Man Male Melee Enlisted COM-M, DIP, HIST, HUNT
Kaylee Rose Man Female Diplomat Enlisted DIP, MERC, ARI
Nelson Leafcutter Man Male Scribe Enlisted ARI, HIST (HOTNESS)
Willoric Scary Hobbit Male Stealth Enlisted STL, FOR, COM-M
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