The Wayfarers' Guild

The Wayfarers' Guild was founded by a Gondorian expatriate Oendir Arrowheart, who had fallen in love with the wooded hills of Bree-land and made his home there. He saw that the war in the East had begun to reach even those fair hills, and the needs of ordinary people were being overlooked. He founded The Wayfarers' Guild to be the champions of the Free Peoples throughout Eriador, the protectors of the home front while all eyes were turned toward the East.

Over the years, the Guild's reputation has grown into one of high esteem. People all throughout Eriador (and even beyond) recognize the Wayfarers' strength and dependability, and have pledged their allegiance to the Wayfarers' cause. Trial after trial has honed the company into a sturdy and formidable foe to all servants of shadow. These days, it enjoys a reputation as the best adventuring company in Eriador (and one of the best abroad, as well).

The Wayfarers operate out of the village of Durrow-on-Dunwash, near Bree-town, from an impressive old estate they call Ravenhold. Their ranks have swelled and changed. Oendir has since passed on leadership to his second-in-command, a battle-hardened Rohir named Godric. But one thing has not changed, and that is their uncompromising commitment to freedom, and their deep love of green and wild places.

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