Those who have been employed at any time under the banner of The Wayfarers' Guild, founded by Oendir Arrowheart and currently lead by Godric. Many of them live or have lived in the barracks at Ravenhold, the guild's headquarters.

Most of the Wayfarers are the descendants of a group of individuals known as the Children of Gailion, and as a result have been guarded by the Watchers, a long line of individuals tasked with the safety of the Children's descendants. The Wayfarers have often received help from a wind spirit named Fionwe who resides on Weathertop, though the company has many allies all across Eriador and beyond.

The Wayfarers' greatest enemy was the Haradic witch Kalidah, who hounded them for several years and brought immense grief down upon them. Ultimately, though, the Wayfarers were her undoing.

Current Wayfarer Contracts

Godric - Commander
Oendir Arrowheart - Lieutenant Commander

Eruviel Aranduin
Hallem Kemp
Feygil Valadil
Varidia Clarke
Abiorn Tenorbekk

Supporting Staff
Gaelyn Fletcher - Senior Broker and Financier
Lichen (Graves) Kemp - Head of House
Moramarth - Groundskeeper
Ansithe Aesgeirdottir - Blacksmith

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