Varidia Clarke

Varidia Clarke is a Bree-born woman in her 20s with a heart yearning for adventure. Her family is rather large, and well-known in Bree as a middle-class merchant family. The closest of her family include her nephew Brannt, mother Willa, and brother Aston.

She first came to Durrow to work in the Snowdrop Nursery as Esthyr Mossfoot's replacement, but has since joined the Wayfarers' Guild as a field healer. In her recent past, she worked for a mercenary company called Crowe's Blades, where she honed her skill with a bow and studied the healing arts.

Varidia is friendly to most everyone, and strives to put a smile on every face she greets. Her hobbies include, but are not limited to: Climbing trees, singing, playing music, cooking, drinking, fighting, exploring, gardening, archery.

She can't swim though.

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