A fierce, Rohirric battle maid. She has a long, and bloody history with her travels in Eriador, including battles in Fornost, Helegrod, and Forochel. For a time, she was captive to a necromancer in Angmar, freed by her companions, though not before the death of her betrothed.

She credits the ranger Tarandil with saving her life after she succumbed to a disease from her time in Angmar. After her health was restored, she returned to Rohan to put her blade back into something worthy. She came to Eafeld and took up arms under Thane Langafel. During her time in service to him, her loyalty has blossomed into something deeper than serving just a Thane.

Her affection for the Thane aside, she keeps close company with the shieldman Wulfin. She also quietly sends word back and forth with a sister.

Birthday: February 7
Current Age: 34

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