A large white wolf spirit, about as tall as a man. There is little to suggest in this appearance that he is a spirit beyond the abnormal intelligence in his yellow eyes. Valkoinen tends to display discernment of strangers. He is initially cunning and secretive, preferring to watch activity at a distance to discover the motivations of an individual. Quite like stalking prey. His concern dwells on the wilderness of Forochel, both in preservation and protection of his animal children. If one happens to gain the trust of Valkoinen, he shows a side of unwavering loyalty and companionship, though such a feat is difficult to do.

As an animal spirit, Valkoinen is an extremely neutral party in the affairs between men. He judges only the actions he sees, and whether it is beneficial or detrimental to his animal children. Although some gauredain seek him as something of a guardian spirit, he holds no love or loyalty to them. In fact, he is often antagonistic towards them due to their quick use of the hides of wolves. Few mortals have gained Valkoinen's trust, though it has been known to happen to particularly willful, patient individuals.

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