A malevolent grey grimalkin owned by Lihn, who delights in the torture of small animals and small people and large people and most objects (in short, like any other cat). He lost vision in his left eye in a fight long ago, and most of his tail and right ear are missing as well.

He roamed feral for several years before Lihn won him over with strategically-placed scraps of food, and now he roams only mostly feral, with random bouts of Purring Housecat. He has fathered countless litters of kittens, which Lihn tries to hand out to caring people whenever possible. Lihn likes to compare his rugged look and relentless libido to Morducai Mossfoot, who can't see the resemblance (and treats females infinitely better anyway).

Unwin can sometimes be found draped across Lihn's shoulders or curled up in her backpack, or else prowling the streets of Bree, looking for something to fight with or mate with. Or both.

He is the probably father of Gaius, Niben, and Inkwell.

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