A powerful, dangerous spirit who haunts the Henki-maa. For centuries, he was believed to be a creature made by the Lumi-vaki creator gods, Ukko and Akka. In truth, he is one of the surviving spirits who served Melkor in days of old.

He usually appears as a tall and fair-faced Elf with flowing golden hair. His voice is honey-sweet, and he will often appear to help those who meet him in the spirit realms. However, his assistance is never without a cost…

Some years ago, a Korppi-vaki man named Taja struck a deal with Tumma, offering his soul as payment if Tumma would kill Taja's friend and chieftain, Panja. Taja was, at the time, unaware that he himself was a powerful spirit in human form. Tumma readily agreed to the deal, realizing that he would gain a powerful and immortal thrall upon Taja's mortal death.

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