Tulsie Hawthorn

The youngest child of Nate and Nora Hawthorn. She lives with her parents, aunt, grandparents, and five siblings in the ancestral family home.

Tulsie is a glum and reclusive girl who pouts twice as often as she smiles. Though quite bright and possessing of a good head for business, she is crippled by her own self-loathing. She helps her grandmother in the family herb shop, and has vague aspirations of becoming a successful marchant.

She is very close with her grandfather, Bart, and lives in constant fear that her sister, Lunet, will leave the family to run away somewhere exotic.

Tulsie is the self-appointed family historian. Hardly a Hawthorn breathes without Tulsie writing about it in her journal. As a result, Tulsie remembers many family events that the rest of the Hawthorns have forgotten.

DoB: May 16
Current Age: 18

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