Tobelo Stonybanks

The burdened, dutiful, and easily troubled Chief Bounder of Woodhall, in The Shire. He is rumoured to be a descendant of Bullroarer Took on his mother's side. He was the Bounder on duty at the Buckleberry Ferry the night the ringwraith came looking for Frodo Baggins, and has suffered lingering depression and trauma since the encounter.

Though something of a dreamboat by hobbitish standards, he has and has only ever had eyes for Miss Verdigris Proudfoote, a poor and brilliant hobbit lass from a troubled Frogmorton family. Though she has agreed to marry him, their relationship hangs by a fragile thread due to the tumultuous nature of Verdigris's past. Toby has found himself unhappily embroiled in a lengthy lawsuit brought against Verdigris by Ted Sandyman of Hobbiton. Even as a Chief bounder, there is very little Toby can do to help.

He helped to place Verdi's many siblings with a pair of foster parents, Alfiric and Centifolia Bolger, in Bywater. He goes to visit them often, and is sure to always bring gifts for the littlest ones.

Though humble, self-doubting, and exceedingly modest, Toby is quite proud of his ability to stand up to the old adage that "a Bounder can do anything well."

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