Thannadan is a former soldier of Gondor, having specialized in engineering and demolition.

Often called Thann by his friends and family, he is a broad, muscular man of easy temperament and strong will. Most people find him easy to get along with, and he has a reputation for fair dealing and a generous spirit.

Thannadan has a very large extended family, with many aunts and uncles and dozens of adult cousins. Though his hometown of Stonebear is in the White Mountains north and west of Minas Tirith, his family's heritage is mixed: partly Gondorian, partly of Northmen descent. Many of his family bear the fair hair and blue eyes of the people of Rhosgobel.

When the danger from Mordor was growing, he and several cousins were commissioned by his family to escort a large group of women and children north to the safer region of Eriador.

While there, he met Feygil and they began what was initially quite a tumultuous courtship. Now they have settled into a strong relationship that has lasted several years.

Current age: 37
Birthday: March

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