The Tasty Packet Tavern


Although it doesn't boast the international reputation enjoyed by The Bowing Swan, this out-of-the-way tavern is considered among locals to be Dol Amroth's hidden gem. Situated on one of the quieter wharfs in the city's harbour, this small but welcoming tavern has something for everyone. It is run by Beldaer, a retired sailor who runs one of Dol Amroth's many shipping companies. His good reputation, as well as an irresistible menu, keep the tavern busy. It's easy to get lost in the cheerful hum of music and voices that rattle the rough-hewn beams until all hours.




Fried Yellow Oysters: Tender wild-caught yellow oysters fried and breaded, served with a rich butter sauce.

Onion Rings: Battered, deep-fried, and thick-cut rings of sweet Pelargir onions. Served with a spicy horseradish sauce.

Baked Beans on Toast: Saucy red beans smothered on thick, buttered slices of crusty wheat toast.

Bread Basket: A basket of warm bread served with whipped butter and thick slices of the cheese of the day. Crusty white sourdough, molasses bread rolled in oats, and hearty seven grain. Free refills!

"Endless" Swan Wings: A bucket full of spicy, tender wings roasted to perfection. (Note: not made from actual swan.)

Main Dishes

Beer-battered Sea Bass: Tender, juicy fillets deep-ocean bass smothered and fried in our light and crispy Mermaid's Breath beer batter. Served with steamed seasonal vegetables and creamy onion risotto.

Fish and Chips: Melt in the mouth steaks of fried whitefish served with our signature thick-cut garlic chips, cabbage slaw, pickled beets, and creamy tartar sauce.

Fish Sandwich: Battered fillet of whitefish served on a soft white roll with our signature thick-cut garlic chips, cabbage slaw, pickled beets, and creamy tartar sauce.

Meat Pies: A wonderland of spiced and minced assorted meats baked with potatoes, carrots, and peas in a soft and flaky butter crust. Served piping hot with gravy.

Spicy Black Bean Burger: Aromatic, giant "burgers" shaped from pearl barley, mashed black beans, sharp cheddar, and mouthwatering spices. Served on a soft white sesame roll with a fried egg and our signature thick-cut garlic chips.

Soups and Salads

Soup and Salad of the Day: A fresh, crispy salad and hearty, flavourful soup served with a hunk of sourdough. Ask for the daily special.

Lossarnach Salad: Crispy iceberg lettuce, drenched with creamy dressing and topped with grated parmesan, shredded chicken, and toasted cubes of garlic bread.

Fish Chowder: Creamy fish and potato soup served with crispy oyster crackers.

Cauliflower Cheese Stew: Thick, cheesy stew packed with toasted cauliflower croutons. Served with buttered white bread.

Wild Mushroom Salad: Bitter mixed greens topped with sauteed seasonal mushrooms and roasted wild-foraged nuts.


Banana Fantasy: Thick slices of perfectly ripe Haradic bananas, some fried and doused in powdered sugar, and some dipped in rich dark chocolate.

Berry Apple Custard: Thick, creamy vanilla custard topped with apple and blackberry oat crumble.

To Die For Chocolate Cake: Proof that Elmeleth loves us. Seven layers of dense cake sandwiched between thick layers of rich ganache. Rolled in bitter chocolate chips and served with whipped cream. Made from the finest Rhunic dark chocolate.

Rice Pudding: A favourite in north Harad. White rice boiled in sweetened milk, spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron. Served with tender golden raisins.

Cherry Soup: Creamy cherry yogurt soup thinned with heavy cream and packed with fresh, pitted black cherries. Flavoured with honey and cinnamon and served with crispy, flaky cinnamon dipping sticks.


Drink List

Mermaid's Breath Beer — Our exclusive beer. Bold and powerful flavour that lingers on the tongue, yet seductive as a mermaid's lullaby…

Endless Ale — Light golden ale from Shaved Sheep Brewery. It really is endless!

Root Tea — Pungent and powerful drink made of sassafras, sarsaparilla, birch bark and other roots and herbs. Rich, strong, and delightfully tingly. Lingers on the tongue.

Guthric's Burning Britches — Bold amber beer mixed with tomato juice, lime juice, chipotle pepper sauce, and honey. Garnished with a lime wedge and smokey salt.

Water for Sailors — Straight gin blended with lemonade and Cheyenne pepper. Packed with thin slices of lemon and cucumber.

An Affair — Haradic tequila blended with Cheyenne simple syrup and fresh grapefruit juice. Garnished with lime and pepper salt.

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