Taste of Umbar

The Taste of Umbar is a Haradic restaurant on the haute side of Inzilbel's Walk. Despite the racial tensions in the city, the restaurant has done well and been consistently busy since its opening.

Specializing in authentic Haradic cuisine, the Taste of Umbar treats its patrons to exotic tastes and sights, with an open kitchen (and chefs with a flair for showmanship), a resident snake charmer, and an exclusive deck dining experience for high rollers.

The restaurant is famous for its lamb tajine and fish curry. It also serves a traditional Haradic dessert: kaab el ghzal, a pastry stuffed with almond paste and topped with sugar.

Specialty drinks include:
The Prophet's Water: A refreshing blend of anise-flavored arak and lemon and lime juices with a salt rim.
The Blood of a Thousand Virgins: Incredibly rich and sweet distilled pomegranate juice. Said to be divinely blessed by the Prophet.
Traditional Green Tea: Served perfectly steeped with fresh mint leaves.

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