A powerful sorcerer, born Abdul-Rahim. He was the son of a slave woman named Yamha of Kadheer, who later became the infamous witch Kalidah. His father was a Black Númenórean of Umbar.

Tar-Achas was the long-time enemy of the Twelfth Company, a Gondorian military group temporarily based out of Bree-land. He hunted them for nearly a year before he was slain by any arrow shot by Beacher Bailey. This was the original reason that Kalidah dogged The Wayfarers' Guild, the next company that Beacher joined.

Later, Kalidah attempted to resurrect Tar-Achas by performing a ritual meant to bond his soul with the body of Oendir, the commander of the Wayfarers' Guild. Leofryn, another witch and her supposed ally, betrayed Kalidah during the ritual in an attempt to protect the Wayfarers. Thus, the ritual was unsuccessful, and Tar-Achas was not resurrected.

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