Tabithe Sageleaf is the adopted daughter of Aston Sageleaf, the owner of the Bree-based Sageleaf Caravan Company. Though by blood, she's Rohirric, she identifies herself as a Bree-Lander through and through. Indeed, she's lived in Bree since childhood, and says she remembers very little beyond it.

Since her father decided to let her lead the caravans while on the road, she's blossomed into a blunt, cynical, and uncouth woman, molded by all the time on the road with the men hired to guard. She drinks, and heavily whenever it's available for her to do so. If her reputation was marred by anything, however, it's likely her frequent exploits with men. But then, Tabithe doesn't care about reputations, and is unlikely to change her ways.

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