Taber Cobb

A strange, twitchy little man with a warbly voice and a nervous gaze. He wears heavy brown robes and a pointed brown hat, and is usually burdened by a great variety of tools and keepsakes hanging off of him like the riggings on a ship. Those who stand around him seem to often suffer from repeatedly bad luck.

He has had two run-ins with The Wayfarers' Guild. The first was in Enedwaith, when they journeyed south to bring their ally Leofryn's ashes to her homeland of Rohan. Then, Taber was under the employ of Rennec, a former Wayfarer and the ex-betrothed of Cirieldis. Rennec, then in the service of Saruman, employed Taber because of the tendency for drawn bowstrings to snap in Taber's presence, rendering the Wayfarers' deadly archers useless.

After Rennec battled with and killed another of his subordinates named Morwing, Taber fled to seek employment elsewhere. He ended up in the Lone-lands, where he took up with a fearsome Orc-blooded rebel named Han-shara. He became good friends with an Angmarim deserter named Donnic, another man with whom the Wayfarers had an adversarial history. Taber met the Wayfarers when they came to the lone-lands to aid their ally Aradir in recovering his master's ashes. Though the two companies clashed, neither claimed the upper hand. They parted quickly, and have not interacted since.

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