Swan-knight Order

The legendary order of knights led by Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth. They live and train in the mighty fortress on the city's southern shore, and comprise the largest and most highly-trained force of Men in Middle-earth. They wear silver armour accented with vibrant blue, with recurring motifs of swans and feathers incorporated into it.

The Swan-knights cherish a special metal known as starsilver. It is a light, resilient metal that makes up most of their finest weapons and armour. Starsilver is obtained from a mine along the coast not far from Dol Amroth. Upon knighthood, a knight is given his first starsilver sword. For three years, he is given his own war-steed to train and care for. At five years, he is given a full suit of starsilver fashioned for whatever rank he holds at the time. Due to the malleability of starsilver, these suits can be heavily modified in the event that the knight is promoted later.

Swan-knights in training generally become pages at age 7, and squires at age 14. They take the knight's oath at 21. The standard rankings within the Swan-knight order are as follows:


However, there are other titles for knights who for whatever reason are not cut out for leadership. Examples are Knight-investigator and Knight-architect.

There are only ever six Knight-captains at once, each commanding a certain portion of the knights below him. All Knight-captains report to the single Knight-commander.

Notable Members

Mbita Mbwana — Knight-commander
Aureldir — Knight-captain
Anordaer — Knight-captain—deceased
Carmanadh — Knight-captain
Rivalthor — Knight-lieutenant
Hathlafel — Knight-investigator
Pengail — Swan-knight
Ruthron — Swan-knight
Aphedion — Junior Swan-knight

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