Sveinn Alvardson

Sveinn Alvardson was a somewhat famous (Or infamous) figure within regions around Dale and Esgaroth, as well as some regions in Gondor. His career began as a bounty hunter, under the tutelage of the Gondorian traveler, Aegilan. Due to his willingness, and continued success, to defend the smallest villages from brigands or other unsavory visitors, Sveinn became popular with the common folk. Many others, particularly the wealthy and military, resented his unorthodox means, and willingness to disregard the law for his own means, however. After several long years, to appease those who supported him, Sveinn was granted the title of Reeve by the courts of Dale. Though it was an honorary gesture only, Sveinn continually used the title in his favor when it was convenient for him.

Sveinn eventually left the Dale-Lands, abandoning his station, to travel south to Gondor. He continued to use his title to gain favor with the noble houses there and slip into the ranks of the soldiers of Minas Tirith, where he remained for several years. He was granted a command in respect for being a "foreign official", and, again, his methods and disregard for the law earned him few friends, but he was also greatly effective. He earned the ire of several of the noble houses for casually exposing various illicit activities and bribes so often in the shadows of court life. After a brief tour at Dol Amroth, where he stood up a welcome banquet thrown by a noble house in honor of the Dalish "Reeve", he was reassigned to Ethring, where he remained for the remainder of his time in Gondor.

His service was withdrawn after his residence was destroyed in a fire, and left for the Fenmarch in pursuit of the man responsible: A Rohirric outlaw known as Gerenath. He was ultimately defeated by Gerenath, felled when the man's poisoned blade pierced his heart.

It was an accepted fact that Sveinn took on many lovers. On several occasions, he was noted to have been found with men as well as women, which often brought on a more negative reputation for him.

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