Sun Sickness

A fatal blood disease, passed down through families descended from the ancient people of Cardolan. The sickness manifests only in children whose parents are both carriers of the disease, and will progressively weaken them as they grow, causing them to become more susceptible to common illnesses and often rendering them too weak to walk or perform many physical activities.

As the sickness progresses, sufferers often fall prey to a number of smaller maladies, including high fevers, a lack of desire to eat (and sometimes an inability to), fits of coughing, and difficulty breathing. In the advanced stages, lesions known as 'bloodmarks' may appear, often indicating that the sufferer has less than a year to live. Sufferers of Sun Sickness often die in their sleep, being too weak and tired to move from their beds in the final stage.

Though most of the symptoms can be held at bay with carefully prescribed medicines, there is no cure for Sun Sickness, and there are no officially documented cases of any sufferer living beyond their eighteenth year.

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