A shovel belonging to Bree-town's grave-digger, Morducai Mossfoot. He is almost never without it, even while in town.

The shovel is made of shining steel and polished ebony, and has serpentine scales winding around the neck that end in a shivery handle with a crossbar shaped like a human bone. On the handle, two crossed diamonds form a four-pointed star.

Most people assume the shovel was given to Morty by his late master, Ned, who was the grave-digger before him. However, the shovel is a Mossfoot family heirloom believed to date all the way back to Cardolan.

Morty often likes to speak baout Steve as if the shovel is sentient, and refers to the shovel as "he." He said he named the shovel Steve because "he looked like a Steve."

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