The Star of Cardolan

A legendary diamond said to have belonged to the line of Cardolan princes. It is featured heavily in Breeish myth, song, and poetry, particularly those with Cardolani origins.

The stories claim that it was formed from the tears of a woman whose family was murdered by agents of Angmar. Scholars are divided on the translations of ancient Cardolani texts that describe the stone. Some insist the translations indicate that the diamond had the power to ward off the undead, whereas others postulate it was itself a powerful focus used in necromancy.

The stone is depicted as a large double-diamond faceted crosswise. Records describe the cut as being so precise that the light it held appeared as a misty glow.

Over the years, numerous expeditions have sought the Star of Cardolan to no success. The last Cardolani texts indicate that the diamond was buried with the last Prince of Cardolan, whose burial site has never been found.

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