The Sorrow-Stealer

Nightmares began to plague the a number of people in Durrow. As many of the Wayfarers were affected, they began to investigate what the cause could be. The cause came in the form of a fell artifact called The Sorrow-Stealer. The group found the artifact, which resembled and ornate hand mirror, deep within the barrows, guarded by a terrible undead creature. They only barely managed to fight it off and claim their prize.

The power of The Sorrow-Stealer was broken through help from Mannati, who allowed them to meet the spirit of the artifact. Several had seen her in their dreams, and she had taken an unusual favor in Maludir. They had little choice but to slay her, and end the power of The Sorrow-Stealer. After the mirror was confirmed to be harmless once again, Atanamir gave it to Maludir.

Their work was unfinished, however, as they had not discovered who had placed the artifact there, or for what reason. They discovered Yreth as the culprit, but soon learned her tragic tale. A young woman of House Gannelor, she was killed by her father and reanimated by the power of dark artifacts that drove him mad, becoming nothing more than his puppet. They had left Minas Tirith to find Corudor's last son, believing he could become immortal by slaying all of his children.

They found Corudor in the ruins of Fornost, attempting to conduct a ritual. The man was indeed mad, and his efforts were all fruitless - He was no closer to immortality than any other, and had been granted no power or favor from the artifacts. Nonetheless, he commanded Yreth to summon the beast they had fought in the Barrows. She refused him, fighting the control through her will alone. Her resistance ultimately resulted in her body failing, and she truly died. Powerless, Corudor was slain as well. An odd letter was found on his body, but Carmanadh took it, and refused to discuss it with any of the others.

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