Song of the North

(As written by Aradir, son of Candaith.)

The seventh campaign of The Wayfarers' Guild in the Where Fire Follows arc.

Wherein the Wayfarers travelled north to Forochel to help the Lossoth root out the encroaching Angmarim influence. Here they met the seer Sokeä-Nakijä, and learned an ancient song of power known as the Jää-laulu, which could turn the singer's enemies to ice. They destroyed the forces of Jostuun, the Blue-stone sorcerer and, with the aid of Sokeä-Nakijä, blocked the pass between Angmar and Forochel.

Here, the Wayfarers met Balister, a one-handed crossbowman with a vendetta against Kalidah, and his employees Certhwin and Cedryt. They met also Panja, son of Chief Pavu of the [blacklossoth Korppi-vaki], who was once the betrothed of Cirieldis.

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