A legendary white stag said to have dwelt within the DrĂºadan Forest in AnĂ³rien. According to the tales, he had fur that glowed like snow beneath moonlight, and six-pointed antlers that shone like polished mithril. Many considered him to be a guardian spirit, as all tales claimed that he would appear to those who were lost in the forest, and guide them out again to safety.

The alleged sightings of the stag began hundreds of years ago, and are still common today. Most scholars conclude that if such a creature ever did exist, it is long since dead, and the recent stories are only the ramblings of the drunk or terrified. A few, however, suggest it is possible that the stag's descendants inherited their forebear's unusual traits, and have wandered the forest ever since. Some locals say that Songhorn was never a stag at all, but rather a spirit in stag form who lingers to care for the lost.

The legend made quite an impression on young Oendir Arrowheart when he passed through the forest as a boy. He is one of many who claims that Songhorn rescued him. The event, whether real or imagined, later led him to choose a white hart as the symbol for his adventuring company, The Wayfarers' Guild.

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