The young son of Oendir Arrowheart and his former lover, Maribel Tanglerush. Solstan was born in Ost Guruth, in the Lone-lands, after his mother fled from the Archet siege.

He did not meet his father until he was three years old, when Maribel finally found Oendir and asked him to take Solstan, as she was dying of consumption. Oendir took Solstan reluctantly, and Maribel died shortly afterward.

Despite all expectations, Oendir fell quite in love with Solstan, and soon his world revolved around the boy. He tried hard to juggle the duties of fatherhood with his duty to the adventuring company he led. Solstan was often left in the care of Oendir's friend, Rothrandir.

Solstan currently attends the Snowdrop Nursery run by his father's cousin, Cirieldis. He is an exceedingly shy boy, but feels things very deeply. He is fond of all things related to the sea and sailing, though he loathes any kind of meat (much to Oendir's dismay). His best friend is Rosemead's daughter, Glory.

Solstan lives in the village of Durrow with Oendir, his new stepmother Gisala, and his little half-sister Elindis.

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