(As written by Aradir, son of Candaith.)

The third campaign of The Wayfarers' Guild following the Where Fire Follows arc.

Wherein the Wayfarers pursued a vicious band of slavers in order to rescue their comrade, Beacher Bailey, from the clutches of Dol Guldur. Their journey took them through the ancient, dangerous halls of Moria, and into the Golden Wood where they were granted audience with the Lady Galadriel. From there, they travelled into grim Mirkwood, where they met Wistan of Caraghaim, cousin to Luned of Caraghaim. Here also they met Wistan's warg friend Shadowpaw, and an ancient drake by the name of Gaervadhor.

Here they discovered that the nefarious plottings of Najor Iron-hand, First Sorcerer to Dol Guldur and nemesis of the wind spirit Fionwe, had taken Beacher as his own slave, and twisted his mind to turn him against the Wayfarers. They confronted him in his tower, where he was slain by his long-time adversary, Synnova Aethewyn.

Here also the creature known as The Dagorant was freed from his curse by Silevren, and became a man again. From thenceforth he was known as Daernil, and being also one of the Children, became an ally to the Wayfarers.

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