A Lossoth woman of the Korppi-vaki tribe. She was widowed early and wed the sivullinen Orendir when he came with his daughter, Ciri, to Forochel. Together, Orendir and Simi had three children: twin boys named Rosoi and Kupsa, and a daughtr named Kipinä.

Simi never took to Ciri, and their relationship over the resulting years was strained at best. A plain and practical woman, Simi saw no purpose in Ciri's love for writing and poetry, and criticised the girl for not being more helpful with chores. She also thought Ciri vain and unrealistic to refuse the advances of Panja, the chief's son. Simi saw Ciri as an unwanted drain on Orendir's attention, and was relieved when the girl fled south to escape her betrothal to Panja.

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