A DĂșnadan huntress originally from the Twilight Hills in Evendim. She secretly loved Daernil, her older sister's betrothed. After Daernil fought and lost to a cargul who attacked the village, Silevren opened the village gates to let him in, not knowing that he was no longer the man she loved. When the cargul slew half of the village, including her sister, Silevren vowed to end him. She named him The Dagorant, after the sword their chieftain had used to rout the original cargul, and spent most of her life chasing him across Middle-earth.

Fate led Daernil, and therefor Silevren, to cross paths with an adventuring company called The Wayfarers' Guild in Dunland. The Ranger Aradir, an ally of the Wayfarers, was struck by her beauty and fell immediately in love with her. She avoided his affections, unsure of how to react to them, as her heart still belonged to Daernil.

Later, Silevren learned that she was one of the Watchers, a long line of guardians tasked with protecting the Children of Gailion, of whom most of the Wayfarers were descendants. Daernil was also revealed to be one of the Children, and the cargul who had tainted him to be one of the first Watchers. This ancient bond compelled The Dagorant more strongly than the shadow on his heart, and Silevren saw hope in this.

When The Dagorant was taken before Galadriel, and the Lady cured him of his taint by breaking his bow, Silevren stayed beside Daernil and nursed him to health. The following spring, they were wed, and journeyed together with Aradir and the Wayfarers. She and Aradir were instrumental in keeping the servants of Dol Guldur off the heels of the Wayfarers when they fled Mirkwood.

When Daernil sacrificed his life to help the Lossoth man Panja reunite his people, Silevren went away to grieve her loss alone. She left Daernil's kitten, Nim, in the care of Aradir.

Some time later, Silevren travelled with the Wayfarers to Parth Galen, where their ancestors had first signed the covenant that bound them together. Aradir, no longer able to deny his feelings, asked her to marry him, and she gently refused. When the Wayfarers went home to Bree-land, Aradir and Silevren returned to his home in the Weather Hills as friends. It is there that she resides now.

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