A blood bay gelding owned by Feygil Valadil.

Sigeur was a gift to Feygil from her adoptive father, Mablung. Sigeur had flunked out of warhorse training for being too gentle and too afraid of water, so Mablung got him for a song and presented the then 4-year-old gelding to Fey for her seventeenth birthday, and as a reward for passing her Ranger trials.

Sigeur is getting up there for work afield, and Fey had been concerned for some time whether he could handle the stresses. He occasionally takes advantage of her doting by pretending to be more tired than he really is, for pets and extra treats.

Recently however, on an urgent courier mission to Nen Harn with Scield, Sigeur and Fey took a tumble into a rain-swollen creek. Fey was fine, but Sigeur was injured.

With further inspection, Scield determined that a bone chip was lodged in Sigeur's hock, and Fey's 'Old Man' was unlikely to return to duty. Sigeur has been put to pasture to live out the rest of his days grazing and toting children (something he rather enjoys) at a stately walk. Fey has recently purchased a behemoth she has dubbed Brute for use in the field.

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