Sheut Clan

The Sheut are an old, secretive clan of Harad, and one of the few that openly oppose the influence of Mordor.

The clan has a long standing history of protection - Both men and women undergo martial training to serve as solitary guards or spies for other, more affluent clans. They accept no payment for their service, instead concerned with reputation. Reputation is what determines a Sheut's place within the clan, and also allows them to be given tasks more important to the clan.

As a Sheut gains more experience, they are offered symbols of what they represent best. While this usually comes in the form of tattoos, wisdom is represented by a process of lightening their hair color, symbolic of aging.

The old myths call the Sheut "shadow hunters", claiming them to have skills to fell evil foes of Mordor. The name may also reference the tales of the Sheut's affinity for illusions.

In recent years, their number has dwindled due to a plague that lasted several generations. Because of this, they encourage their women to seek out mates outside of the clan to prevent inbreeding. Women search for men with extraordinary lineages or skills, and are willing to search far and wide for one they believe to be worthy. After conception, the women returns to the clan to raise the child as a Sheut, without the father.

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