A ruthless half-orc warlord who established his dominance in the deep hills of the Lone-lands. He became notorious for his routine kidnapping of Eglain women, whom he forced to breed with his Orc and half-orc followers. His ultimate goal was to breed an army of Orc-blooded men so that he could establish dominance over the Lone-lands.

He himself sired several children. The first was Han-shara, who rebelled against his father because of Shakh-shara's needless cruelty. After Han-shara fled, Shakh-shara took an Eglan woman named Isyld as his wife by force, and she bore him a son named Rheb. Rheb, too, eventually fled after Shakh-shara suffocated Isyld.

In the last years of his life, Shakh-shara clashed with a company known as The Wayfarers' Guild. He accepted an alliance with a Haradic witch named Kalidah, thinking it would help him gain an edge over their mutual enemy. When he suffered a humiliating defeat at the Wayfarers' hands upon Weathertop, he retreated, and for some time caused the Eglain no grief.

Years later, he followed the Wayfarers south to the Enedwaith when their commander, Oendir, was kidnapped by Kalidah. With some of his half-orc soldiers, he ambushed and nearly succeeded in killing the Wayfarers' ally, Panja, but Panja friend Cirieldis intervened. Shakh-shara met and clashed with Oendir's lover, Gisala, and was soon afterward slain by her hand.

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