A large black warg from Mirkwood, capable of speech. His mother was killed by Thranduil's archers when he was just a pup. A hunter and woodsman named Wistan discovered him, and instead of killing him, decided to raise him as a pet and hunting companion. Shadow grew up in the Mirkwood village of Caraghaim, and his only loyalties were to Wistan and his family. He was particularly fond of Wistan's cousin, Luned, and called her Lily-face because of her flowery smell.

Shadow, along with Wistan, aided the Wayfarers when they came to Mirkwood to rescue their ally, Beacher, from Dol Guldur. During a deadly mudslide in the Scuttledells, he and the Wayfarer Arvorn were separated from the others, and Arvorn was badly injured. Shadow helped keep Arvorn alive by bringing him game to eat until the man was well enough to walk again.

When the Wayfarers gathered on the shores of Nen Hithoel to learn about their common ancestors, Shadow journeyed all the way from Mirkwood to stand with them. He and the Elf Kemendin kept them safe from the evil swert-hounds while they meditated in a magical sleep.

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