A fey and curious Breeish youth, Sage is an adventurous sort who loves to ask big questions about life, and seems to be always questing for greater meaning. Though evasive and a bit reclusive, he is a cheerful and engaging conversationalist, and a terrible liar as well. He is kind and eager to help others in any way he can, often without thinking of the consequences.

Sage is the son of Pavelo and Celunes, and the older brother of Maludir. He was raised by his adoptive mother, Annese. Sage's closest friends outside of his brother are Dorsett, whom he sees as a mixture of uncle and friend, and Margaret Yarrow. He also has formed a fast friendship with the Illumin apprentice Duvain.

Sage was born in Dol Amroth, but raised in Bree. Unable to keep him as her own, Celunes arranged for her baby to be taken and cared for by the kind members of a trade caravan, who promised to find him a loving home in northern lands. Sage was adopted by Annese, a single woman of Bree who felt far better equipped to care for a child than the traders.

He kept very much to himself during childhood, in part because of his mother's strict and sheltering ways, and in part because of his own sense of being 'different'. It wasn't until he met Margaret and Maludir that he began to open up to others, and form more lasting friendships. In addition to their company, he spent time learning the art of Coursing from the sailor Callumn.

He was not made aware of his true parentage until he journeyed to Dol Amroth with the Wayfarers, in the guise of a pageboy. The discovery that he did in fact have living family was overwhelming, coming so soon after receiving the devastating news of Annese's death back in Bree. Although he loves his family deeply, he is still unsure as to where he fits in, with them, and in the world at large.

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