Reforged from a blade of Gondolin by Eruviel's eldest brother Rainion. Having received it prior to the Elven kingdom's fall, Rainion took great pains to remake the blade before going to fight in the battle of Fornost. The Elf lord was slain in the battle, and the blade was lost for many years.

The war over, and their family sailed, Eruviel discovered the sword, along her brother's decayed body in the Barrow Downs, both having been taken by a wight of Angmar. She slew the wight, and nearly perished holding the blade, but was rescued by her brother Milloth who understood the danger of their fallen brother's sword. It remained there on a forgotten, unclaimed knoll, till a few years ago when Eruviel recovered it to save a friend who had been possessed.

Saeronwe, the Bitter Faith, was reforged specifically to combat fell spirits. Absorbing them upon attack, the sword serves as a vessel to hold them till, where upon cleansed, releases the spirits to their proper end. Tainted by the Downs, the blade began to gradually turn the Elf, slowly warping her mind and body whenever she held it. The effects would wear off quickly, but a dark aura builds around the elven steel with the more souls it holds.

It having been cleansed by Atanamir, and Eruviel kept it safely tucked away, hoping that she never need use it again. That desire was short lived when Mornenion, an old enemy of the Elf's resurfaced and needed to be ended for good.

The sword is currently stashed in Eruviel's pantry till she can have the two spirits imprisoned within the weapon properly expelled.


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