Sadie Ashten

Sadie (short for Sedania, Age 27) is a widow living in Bree. Formerly a Walter (from the established Walter family who pride themselves in being of Old Breeish stock) Sadie married her husband, Crispin Ashten, at the age of 18. Crispin, a toymaker by trade, was relatively well-thought of around town though most gossip suggests he spent more time with a young woman who sold apples than his wife.

The couple had no children and Crispin died four years ago at the age of 23 during a bad bout of pneumonia that swept the town.

Sadie works at the Broken Cask as a bookkeeper and is frequently spotted about town. She's well-enough known in town, especially as her failure to remarry after her husband's death proved something of a point of gossip.

She owns a dog, Isn't Anything.

The Walters are closely related to the Harlowes and Drewett Harlowe is her cousin.

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