A rebel hill-woman from Angmar who started a resistance against the rule of the Iron Crown. Her passion and clever words earned her many ardent followers, but her seeming lack of morality when it came to fighting Angmar ultimately made her more of a threat to peace than the Iron Crown itself.

The Wayfarers' Guild, which had come to Angmar to pursue it enemy, a witch named Kalidah, ended up briefly allying with Ruslana. The Wayfarers quickly pulled away after witnessing her unscrupulous warfare. A charismatic Angmarim diplomat named Carakh, who had been skirmishing with Ruslana for control of the hill-man city of Donnvail, eventually convinced the reluctant Wayfarers to ally with him against Ruslana.

In the final battle, Ruslana rounded up the children of the Angmarim living in Donnvail, and corralled them in an explosive pen in the town square. With help from their friend Aradir and a Ranger from Gath Forthnir named Arthannas, the Wayfarers were able to push back Ruslana's forces. In the end, they captured her and turned her over to Carakh, alive. Her fate from that point on was uncertain, and still is.

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