RoyEl University

An esteemed university on the northern shore of the Long Lake, near Dale. The name is a play on the word "royal" and incorporates the Sindarin word for star, an allusion to its creation chartered by the King of Dale, and its commitment to high knowledge.

Unlike Kapheim University, most of its faculty, staff, and students are Men. The school specializes in disciplines related to earth studies, though it offers a broad curriculum.

Nallo the Elder was educated there in his youth, and told many stories of it to his nephew, Nallo the Younger. Both Nallo the Younger and his best friend, Helvia, hold the university in high regard, and aspire to some day go there.

The school's anthem contains a particular verse:

High above the Long-lake's waters,
With its waves of blue
There stands Wit and Learning's daughter
Glorious to view

Which has often been parodied by the students as:

High above the Long-lake's waters,
There's an awful smell
Some say it's the Long-lake's waters,
Some say it's royEl!

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