A pleasant copper-haired Elf, rather young by Elvish standards at roughly 900 years. He is somewhat unusual amongst his kin for his love of technology and invention. Several of his nine centuries in Middle-earth were spent amongst the dwarves of Erebor, where he learned the crafts of metalworking, steam power, and explosives. He spent some time amongst the Men of Dale, as well.

Much of his history is unknown, save that he had two parents and a younger sister in the Golden Wood. He left them at a young age to explore the world, and all three have since sailed to the West.

More recently, he spent some time in Gondor, where he gained an enmity with a magnificent, ancient drake called Gaervadhor Bloodwing when he saved a young soldier from the drake's grasp. Rothrandir also frequented the city of Dol Amroth, and became the guardian of a young girl named Cirieldis.

Now, he travels between Bree-land and The Shire, educating its residents with the knowledge he has gained over his long life. He loves a joyful, impish Elf-maid called Sidbain. They met in Celondim, and fell immediately in love. He calls her Hithuiris, meaning "maid of the mist."

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