Rosemead Locksley

The eldest daughter of the Locksleys, an old-blooded Breeish family composed mostly of farmers. She grew up in Archet, where she met Oendir, who later became her best friend.

When Rosie was 14, her best friend, May, got with child by a con man from out of town. The man disappeared, leaving May heartbroken. May died in childbirth, which affected Rosie so deeply that her own body became infertile.

After the Archet siege, her father moved the family to an old manor south of Bree-town. Finding herself often alone during the day, Rosie taught herself to cook for the family, and soon her meals were drawing all manner of folk into the Locksley home. She became friends with Kourd, a wimsical and goofy man employed by her father, and eventually that friendship blossomed into innocent romance. Thought they loved each other deeply, Kourd was a free-wheeling fellow, and eventually the sustained pressure from Rosie's family to marry drove him away.

Not long after this, Rosie was lured into the Combe and Wattle by the same con man who had long ago broken May's heart. He locked her in one of the rooms and raped her, and the long and painful struggle ended when she drove his own knife into his back.

Determined not to be defined by this trauma, Rosie fled to Rivendell to reassemble her life. She met a reclusive man named Calasel, who travelled with her and trained her in the art of combat. Eventually, though, she returned to Bree, and set down her mace and armour to return to her true passion: cooking.

She answered an advert put out by Desmira Bell asking for a new cook at her tavern, The Broken Cask. Here, Rosie met a gentle and quiet man named Course Rainwater, who would later become her husband. She and Desmira became great friends, and Rosie enjoyed once again living in the same town as Oendir. When Desmira retired, she gave the Cask to Rosie.

Some time later, a summer of devastating flooding brought a plague to Bree. The plague killed most of Rosie's family, and for a few months the Cask shut down to become a refuge for the sick and dying.

The next spring, Course and Rosie's daughter Glory was born, and the three moved into a small cottage across the road from the Cask. For years Rosie ran the Cask with a commanding efficiency, and many patrons from all corners of Middle-earth passed through its doors. As Glory grew, so too did the discontent between her parents. Rosie began to feel trapped by her marriage, and though she confided only in her friend Hrafen, the Casks' vintner, patrons and staff alike began to notice her discontent.

And then one day, Course vanished entirely. Rosie immediately made plans to go to Rivendell with Glory, and stayed there for many weeks, leaving the Cask in Hrafen's care. She returned bearing her maiden name and delightedly refusing to answer any questions about what had become of Course. Many rumours have sprung up about his fate, and Rosie actively encourages all of them.

Current Age: 30
DoB: May 20

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