A knight-lieutenant of Dol Amroth, currently serving under Knight-Captain Aureldir. Rivalthor's reputation is unflattering, often citing the man as thuggish and controlling over his men. In public, however, he is perfectly polite and chivalrous, as is expected from his rank and nobility.

Sir Rivalthor is also, unfortunately, known to be one of the least handsome knights in Dol Amroth. Despite this, he still places a great deal of importance in his hygiene and neatness, and has brilliant chestnut hair and an immaculately well-groomed beard.

In recent years, Sir Aureldir had recommended Rivalthor to advance into one of the open Knight-captain positions, but his recommendation was revoked when Rivalthor was discovered exhibiting unnecessary cruelty against corsairs in a large skirmish. The scandal was kept quiet, due in no small part to the knight-lieutenant's influential house, and was allowed to keep his rank. There have been rumors that Rivalthor bears a dangerous grudge against Aureldir, seeing it as his fault that he was unable to advance to a knight-captain. Another rumor suggests that it is his infatuation with Lady Cirieldis that has provoked his ire against Sir Aureldir.

Rumors aside, Rivalthor has only been seen serving Aureldir and Dol Amroth with honor.

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