The foster-son of Oendir Arrowheart. He is one-quarter Orc on his father's side, as is made evident by his yellow eyes, pointed ears, clawed hands, and sharp teeth. Having endured much ridicule and abuse for his heritage, he is naturally a shy and skittish young man.

He is the son of Shakh-shara, an infamous half-orc warlord who was long a thorn in the side of Oendir's company, The Wayfarers' Guild. Rheb is part of the result of Shakh-shara's attempt to breed an army of Orc-blooded men to secure his rule over the Lone-lands. Rheb, however, fled the Lone-lands shortly after Shakh-shara strangled his mother, Isyld.

Despite his dark past and savage blood, Rheb is a gentle and affectionate young man with a great deal of artistic talent. He was tutored in Westron and art by Oendir's friend Rothrandir.

He once resided in Durrow, in one of Oendir's spare cottages, but recently ran away to the Lone-lands to join his brother's war-tribe. Since then, he has been shedding his cultured ways and attempting to embrace his Orkish side.

While living in Durrow, he went steady with a feisty Durrow girl named Cisse Greene, who was attracted to his feral and beast-like qualities. Now, he is in love with Cwendlwyn, his foster father's new bride.

Current Age: 22
Date of Birth: May 5

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