A driven, unpredictable, borderline sociopathic young man of Cardolani descent. He suffers from the same sickness that afflicts Morducai Mossfoot and his daughter, Esthyr, but an older and particularly nasty strain that eventually turns its victim into a wight.

Rennec's past is murky, though he spent much of his life seeking and trying to develop a cure for his malady. His morals are questionable, but he was, for a time, a dutiful and useful ally to The Wayfarers' Guild. He struck up a somewhat antagonistic friendship with the curious, meddlesome Hallem Kemp, and fell in love with Oendir's cousin, Cirieldis.

His lengthy, subtle courtship of Cirieldis more closely resembled a carefully crafted heist due to their mutual reluctance to trust each other, but both of them would likely never have settled for less. Eventually he went to Forochel to become a Rohkea-vaki, or honorary Lossoth, to free her from her obligation to a Lossoth man named Panja. Shortly after, he vanished while on a Wayfarer excursion to the Enedwaith, and the Wayfarers were forced to report him as missing in action.

The next time the Wayfarers encountered him, he was a hale and hearty emissary in the employ of Saruman, the very enemy they had come to subdue. He also commanded a small band that included a peculiar sorcerer named Taber Cobb and a blood-thirsty assassin named Morwing, who was an old rival of Ciri's.

It was clear that Rennec still felt some loyalty to the Wayfarers as he did not prevent their passage to the Gap as he was ordered to. However, he also did not make their journey easy. Eventually, Ciri and Morwing's rivalry came to a head and they clashed bloodily in the hills of Dunland. Rennec ultimately chose to defend Ciri, but not before Morwing forced her into a magical sleep induced by the living ink in her blood. Rennec quickly slew Morwing, and then delivered Ciri safely into the hands of the Wayfarers.

He appeared once more in Bree-land to check on Ciri, who showed no signs of waking. He stayed long enough to develop a serum to keep her live, and was never seen again.

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