A selfish, tyrannical, and abusive man of Dale. He associated frequently with a whore named Brunna, and eventually purchased Brunna's daughter, Gisala. When Gisala fled Dale to escape Relgin, he went south to pursue her, likely after having murdered Brunna for letting the girl go.

He caught up with Gisala in Bree-land, and had her kidnapped. Unbeknownst to him, the girl he had captured was not Gisala, but Ciri, a friend of Gisala's who had disguised herself and been willingly caught to allow Gisala to go free. By the time he discovered the ruse, Gisala and her commander, Oendir, had already caught on, and confronted him at his house. He was slain soon afterward by Oendir's spear, Gimlad.

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